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Aggressive trading on Forex and who uses it

Forex success is not guaranteed to all its participants. Even if you open the position, according to all the rules of technical analysis, can turn from profitable to unprofitable at any time. Sometimes it happens that an already doomed transaction under the influence of a number of factors becomes profitable.

Who uses aggressive trade

Very often, noticing the uncertainties in the market trade, many traders, in an effort to get a fairly large profit, deliberately overestimate the risks. This kind of trading is considered to be aggressive. Learn more about avatrade and the aggressive trading before using the strategy.

By increasing the volume of orders, many traders begin to put their deposit at an increased risk. In addition, aggressive trade is also the one when the maximum number of transactions is concluded for the minimum period of time. As a matter of fact, it is a scalping.

There are several types of trading:

  • Conservative – provides a range of risks from 1 to 5%. This allows the investor to calmly, without much unrest for his deposit, survive several unprofitable deals in a row.
  • Aggressive – the risk can reach 20%. The volume of orders is much larger than in conservative trading.

Conservative, or passive, trading, as a rule, is used by investors with experience.

Having a capital of several thousand dollars on the deposit, with passive trading, you can already count on a permanent income. An investor who has several tens or hundreds of dollars on his account wants to increase the size of the deposit in a short time frame and tries to trade aggressively. The main advantage of such trading is the possibility of decent earnings in a short time.

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