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Hybrid Intelligence by Trodax

Trodax first applied the concept of hybrid intelligence as a trading platform. When making a transaction, each user has his strategy of buying or selling as well as his own algorithm of actions Trodax  is considered to be the first service that invented its hybrid intelligence and successfully uses it.

Hybrid Intellect evaluates trading results, including using statistical data and obtaining as accurate data as possible to save you from unprofitable transactions. Hybrid Intellect evaluates trading results, including using statistical information and obtaining precise as data as possible to keep you from unprofitable transactions.

Trodax algorithms

The algorithm can be divided into several parts: first, all possible scenarios of the trading result of your cryptocurrency are processed: it is profitable or unprofitable to sell at this particular moment, what profit you will get from the purchase and how high your profit from the sale will be. Due to this, the system calculates possible risks and prevents undesirable consequences from buying or selling currencies. Any changes, also statistics, analysis, reports, analytics, recommendations in the trading process will be visible in your personal account. In addition, the algorithm operates in such a way that when you select a currency pair at the very beginning, you can get a recommendation to make it more effective.

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