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Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble: the most unique smartphone of 2018

Looking for an exceptional and unique smartphone? Consider choosing Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble! Find out the detailed review on the exclusive smartphone that is top-listed to be one of the best devices in 2018.

The review for Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble

There are hundreds of smartphones of different manufacturers currently available on the market. However, most of them have similar design and a limited number of functions. However, Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble stands apart from the crowd of resembling gadgets.

The main smartphone’s feature that makes it different from its analogs is an incredibly unique design. First, it is made of real marble stones. Second, it has an amazingly stylish interface with a golden dragon on its back. The device is designed in black colors, so the golden elements perfectly fit its look. Third, it looks elegant and cool and will surely reflect your status.

Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble has a powerful battery that enables the smartphone to operate without charging for a long time. It also has a top-notch camera, quick operating system and easy-to-use interface. The overall experience of using the device is simply unforgettable.

The average price for the smartphone hits $3,100, which is surely expensive for most customers. However, the device might easily become affordable in case you get more money using a simple sms lån.

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