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The hidden health risks of dirty carpets

Suffering from some respiratory illnesses? Feeling tired and exhausted? Do you know that dirty carpets might cause a bunch of serious health conditions? Here is a truth on how your carpets can influence your health.

4 Ways dirty carpets can harm your health

The dirty carpets are common issues for millions of households. What is the hidden danger of dusty carpets? What health risks might face those with dirty carpets? In this article, we’ve collected a list of the most common health conditions and illnesses dirty carpets can easily cause.

  • Respiratory illnesses. Suffering from flu-like symptoms? Having asthma attacks or suffering from snuffling? Dirty carpets might be the reason!
  • Skin irritation. Dusty carpets have tons of harmful bacteria and fungi. This might lead to rashes, itching and skin infection.
  • High-stress levels. Unclean environments can easily make feel you uncomfortable and stressed. It weakens the immune system and makes you feel exhausted.
  • The microscopic pests, dust and dirt can cause allergenic reactions, including headaches and rheum.

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