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Paul McCartney releases his 17th solo album

Paul McCartney, a pop singer and bass-guitarist from the legendary the Beatles, has recently come up with his new studio album, Egypt Station. The sound and voice of the talented artist will be surely enjoyed by dedicated and new fans.

Paul McCartney, a former the Beatles member, has recently pleased the fans of the world famous group with his 17th album, Egypt Station. The new album is a bright example of top-notch alternative rock, electro pop and rock styles. The album has already entered the Billboard 200.

Paul McCartney can boast to have an exceptional music taste, offering only quality sound and lyrics to all his fans. The album was recorded in several studios in different countries to provide the best sound and tunes. Several songs were recorded in cooperation with Ryan Tedder.

Egypt Station has a number of unforgettable compositions, including “Come on to Me”, “Fuh You” and “Who Cares”, which have already seen the world being 2018 singles. The album was surely well-received by the majority of famous music critics, having plenty of positive reviews from both fans and industry experts.

The artist hooks imagination with melodic and slow songs and makes your feeling nostalgic and relaxed. The old-school music is surely a great option for those, who have been following the singer for years. You can start listening to Paul McCartney and thousands of other singers with free mp3 songs.

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