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3 Vital principles of software testing

What are the most important principles of software testing? What should you know before starting your testing process? What do all experienced QA Engineers do to perform better testing? The answers are right here.

What should you know to improve your software testing?

The software testing process is surely one of the most important steps of any development process. However, most companies often miss some important steps and fail to follow the basic principles of software testing. What should you do each time you begin testing your software?

  • Early testing. Being one of the most necessary principles of QA, early testing might prevent you from tons of issues on the latest stages of your development. Start early testing ASAP for better results.
  • Stop trying to perform an exhaustive testing. The software development is enormous, so you can’t check each line of your code. Test the basic functions of your software and use different combinations of testing instead.
  • Double check risky modules. Some clusters significantly influence the product functionality. It is highly recommended to pay extra attention and perform test cases for these clusters regularly.


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